April 29, 2017

The Principles of Chiropractic Philosophy with a Chiropractor in Tallahassee

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Chiropractic care focuses on optimizing the body’s ability to heal itself without drugs or invasive procedures. This healthcare discipline is concerned with how the relationship between musculoskeletal structures (mainly the spine) and the nervous system contributes to overall health. Local chiropractors in Tallahassee deliver patient care according to chiropractic philosophy, which is centered on two key concepts.

The first is the idea that the structure of the body impacts its recuperative and functioning abilities. The second premise emphasizes the pivotal role of the mind-body connection in maintaining health and healing. Unlike conventional medicine, chiropractic is considered a holistic, or whole-body approach, rooted in philosophy. This paradigm encompasses elements of the mind, body, and spirit. The body is believed to function according to natural laws that keep it in balance. Disruptions of the natural order lead to illness.

From these core principles, a chiropractor in Tallahassee would apply several related concepts to patient care. Practitioners are concerned with facilitating natural recovery without surgery.  Early intervention is critical in alleviating conditions that are reversible. Chiropractic doctors measure progress through constant monitoring, and carefully consider the pros and cons of clinical intervention. This realm of healthcare combines critical thinking, open-mindedness, conviction, and appreciation for natural laws.

Chiropractors provide hands-on care, adjusting body structures to enhance nervous system functioning. Rather than just treating symptoms, they seek to identify the root causes of illness. Spinal misalignments, or subluxations, place pressure on nerves. Health problems develop in organs and tissues associated with the affected nerves. Practitioners use a combination of spinal adjustment techniques and soft-tissue therapies, such as massage, to restore functioning.

The affect on health from lifestyle and environmental factors is something else that chiropractors in Tallahassee take into consideration. Patients are coached on how to relate to their surroundings in ways that promote wellness. For example, nutritional counseling is an important component of wellness-based healthcare.  Lifestyle modification programs teach patients how to make choices that will keep their bodies in optimal condition. The total-person approach of chiropractic is aimed at alleviating painful conditions and preventing more serious problems in the first place.

April 28, 2017

How Laser Therapy and Chiropractic Care Meet To Create Wellness from a Chiropractor in Tallahassee

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April 21, 2017

The Principles of Chiropractic Philosophy with a Chiropractor in Tallahassee

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April 14, 2017

The Truth About Concussions from a Tallahassee Chiropractor

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Many people have heard about concussions or know someone who has suffered one, but very few people truly understand what a concussion is and what impact it can have on someone. Many Tallahassee chiropractic offices see concussion cases so it is important that people have at least a working understanding of what this injury is and what it does to the brain and bod

A concussion is the mildest form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that a person can get.  It is generally caused by a bump, blow, or jolt that is sustained to the head, such as is seen in contact sports like football, boxing, and wresting. A concussion sometimes results from violent movement or jarring to the head such as with bad whiplash during a car accident. People who get a concussion usually make a full and quick recovery; however, there are cases where the symptoms can last for days or weeks. Common symptoms of this type of injury include loss of memory, trouble concentrating, confusion, difficulty seeing, and other mental impairments.

Studies have also shown that people who sustain a concussion are more likely susceptible to future concussions with future head injuries. The reason for this is not fully understood but it is believed to be due to the nature of the brain and that while a damaged area can heal nd repair it will be weakened compare to the rest of the brain and will be more easily damaged in the future.

The most common causes of concussions are sports injuries, bicycle accidents, car accidents, and falls, and once someone has suffered such an event future injuries of the same are likely to cause worse concussions; this is why repeat injuries from sports like football, hockey, soccer or wrestling are so dangerous because each future concussion damaged the brain further and makes recovery harder.

At least 25% of people who end up with a concussion get assessed by medical personnel. This is potentially very dangerous as a bad head injury can have lasting effects and if further injury happened before full recovery is achieved the damage can be compounded. Think of it like breaking your arm then taking a fall again before it is fully healed- the arm would likely break even worse and you would suffer even more damage to the arm. The same sort of thing happens with repeat concussions.  Should you suffer from a suspected concussion, seek out professional treatment right away.

April 6, 2017

Learn About The Atlas Orthogonal Technique from a Tallahassee Chiropractic Office

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One of the main goals of chiropractic care is to help your body be able to heal itself and relieve pain naturally. Chiropractors are ready to help if there has been some kind of interference within your nervous system that is caused by spinal joint misalignment. A Tallahassee chiropractic doctor can help relieve your pain using the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.

This technique is part of a special spinal health care program that was developed in the late 1960s by Dr. Roy Sweat, who is considered by many to be a leading authority concerning the cervical spine. Dr. Sweat developed a precision instrument that is non-invasive, and can be used to restore your spine’s structural integrity if it has experienced cervical vertebral malposition. Atlas Orthogonal is an effective, gentle, proven chiropractic technique. It doesn’t use physical manipulation. Instead, it uses an instrument to gently realign your top spine vertebrae that support the head, or atlas. Orthogonal means square, or at a right angle to. If your atlas isn’t square to your spine and head, it is said to be subluxated, that is, your spine and head are out of alignment.

If your head is not straight, then your spine can’t be straight. The stress that this causes can cause pain and discomfort to your shoulders, back, pelvis, knees, hips, and ankles. A Tallahassee chiropractic doctor can use a special adjusting instrument to gently and precisely correct a subluxated, or misaligned atlas vertebrae. This stylus can deliver an extremely precise impulse which can go directly to the exact area necessary.

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique can help your body to function better, no matter how many types of health problems you might be experiencing. It can focus on bone structure misalignment of your neck and head, called the Atlas Subluxation Complex.

Chiropractors have had positive results with relieving pain by using the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. It has proven effective helping such conditions as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, migraines, asthma, chronic stress or pain, athletic injuries, back and neck pain, auto accident injuries, scoliosis, herniated discs, and much more.