February 1, 2017

Discover Car Accident Pain Relief with Tallahassee Chiropractor

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So, you were in a car accident and now you ache all over, especially in your neck. Your doctor tells you to take some pills and rest, but the pills fog your brain and you can’t take any more time off work.

Your best option is Tallahassee chiropractic care. Chiropractors are the acknowledged gatekeepers for spinal pain, including whiplash (which traditional medicine does not do well at treating). They can also be good at resolving joint and extremity pain caused by musculoskeletal trauma. When you are in a car accident, everything gets thrown around, especially your head.

A good chiropractor can put everything back into alignment and encourage your body to heal itself, allowing you to reduce or even set aside those mind-fogging pills. Chiropractors also try to avoid prescribing extended periods of rest, which are often counterproductive. A good chiropractor will also keep all of the records you need for your insurance claim or court case, helping make sure you get properly reimbursed.

They will do a proper exam to establish the cause of your pain and will do their best to resolve it. This may even include low grade pain you had before the accident but never noticed – chiropractic care is not just about recovery from injury but about establishing and maintaining optimum wellness.
So, a good chiropractor will help you rapidly return to the pain-free existence you had before the crash, without a lot of drugs, surgery, or bed rest. They can also help you go past that to a new state of wellness. If you have been in a traffic accident, you should immediately contact a Tallahassee chiropractor to schedule an initial consultation. They will help you with a personalized plan of care to restore you to health and mobility as quickly as possible.

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