October 27, 2016

Learn about Migraine Headache Relief with Tallahassee Chiropractor

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chiropractic5Migraine headaches are a major health problem. Upwards of 25 million people who live in the US experience at least one migraine headache every year. Migraines frequently are linked with occasional vomiting, a pulsing pressure behind your eyes, neck tightness, an acute susceptibility to loud sounds or bright lights, nausea, and pain.

How can a Tallahassee chiropractic doctor help you with migraine headaches?

  • A physical exam is given to rule out vision disorders, tumors, or vascular problems
  • Spinal manipulation (especially of the cervical spine) may be performed 1-2 times weekly for several months. Chiropractic adjustments can help to alleviate stress and improve spinal function
  • Massage therapy weekly for trigger point and post-isometric pressure found in the upper trapezius and sub occipital muscles has been found beneficial
  • Multidisciplinary care, including nutritional and stress counseling, relaxation, and other exercise, have been found useful in lessening migraine occurrence and pain
  • A Tallahassee chiropractic doctor can recommend diet changes, suggest adding vitamin B, and give nutritional advice
  • A chiropractor can offer posture advice, better postures to use at work (ergonomics), relaxation techniques, and more. By following their advice, a patient can find some relief from recurring joint irritation and muscle tension in upper back and neck muscles
  • Migraines can be caused by a subluxation, or small spinal misalignment. Your nerves and muscles can become irritated and inflamed when your vertebrae are misaligned. Chiropractic adjustments frequently correct the misalignment, and many patients find that their irritation, soreness, pain, and stiffness will go away
  • A Tallahassee chiropractic doctor will address both the problem and the symptoms of migraine headaches, using chiropractic adjustments, lifestyle counseling, nutrition and diet evaluation
  • A chiropractor will work with your body naturally to relieve pain, without prescribing any drugs
  • Many migraine sufferers can look back and pinpoint when they received acute trauma or an accident to the neck or head. Chiropractors can realign the vertebrae and relieve pressure on inflamed nerves, which in turn can relieve headaches

It’s worth a try! Contact a Tallahassee chiropractic doctor and receive treatment that might reduce or even end your migraine headaches.

October 23, 2016

How Tallahassee Chiropractors Alleviate Motor Vehicle Accident Pain

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No doctor understands the after effects of a motor vehicle accident on the human body more than a Tallahassee Chiropractic care doctor.

What people do not know is that when they are involved in the simplest of motor vehicle accidents, nothing more than a bumper tap, these smallest actions can shake the body badly.

It is difficult at best for people to understand what the ramifications of a more severe motor vehicle accident have on the human skeletal structure.

The human body is meticulously and wonderfully made to endure a lot of abuse. However, this abuse also pays a toll on the skeletal structure and can easily cause a vertebra to come out of alignment. If vertebrae are not realigned as soon as possible, they continue to press on the body’s central nervous running through the spine from the brain to the lower end of the spinal column. This pressure causes pain and further health problems on other vital organs.

Realigning the bones in the spine is what Tallahassee Chiropractic care is all about; this is the expertise of the skilled Tallahassee Chiropractic Doctor.

When a person is in the simplest of motor vehicle accidents, feels fine physically, and has no pain anywhere in the body, it is easy to understand why that person feels they do not need any chiropractic interventions.

One vertebra out of alignment can wreak havoc in the person’s body days, weeks, months, and even years after the accident occurred. It stands to reason why those in a motor vehicle accident need to have their spinal column, including their neck checked out as soon as possible.

The approach towards body pain after a motor vehicle accident that the Tallahassee Chiropractors offer is all natural and has no side effects as seen in pain pills. They take care of problems in a natural and safe way before they gain a foothold and cause more problems.

Some options that Tallahassee Chiropractors offer may include,

  • Spinal Adjustments
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise Plans individualized towards each patient
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs
  • Essential Oils

Get your immediate health needs met after a motor vehicle accident, at the local emergency room, and then be sure to visit a Tallahassee Chiropractor as soon as possible for a neck and spinal exam and adjustment.

October 19, 2016

Tallahassee Chiropractors, Dr. Dennis Fiorini and Dr. Atkinson, Helps Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents

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After an accident, many victims experience neck and back pain, joint pain, and muscle strains and sprains. Dr. Atkinson at Fiorini Chiropractic Center can help.

Fiorini Chiropractic Center offers high quality chiropractic treatment to people who have been in an auto accident. One of the most common complaints after a motor vehicle accident is whiplash, which can be more painful than broken bones and for which mainstream medicine can only offer bed rest and painkillers.

Whiplash is a result of misalignment of the upper spine combined with strains and sprains – it is caused by the way the head tends to be thrown forward and backward or side to side during the accident. Chiropractic care can restore the spinal alignment and relieve pain. Dr. Atkinson is qualified in the Atlas Orthogonal technique, which specifically addresses the alignment of the head and neck that is so often thrown off by whiplash injuries.

Damage can also be done lower down in the spine, throwing off the alignment and resulting in soreness and stiffness of the back and neck and even headaches – a surprising number of headaches are caused by issues in the neck or back. As symptoms do not always appear straight away, accident victims should have themselves checked by a Tallahassee chiropractor right after the accident so that issues can be resolved before they become painful or long term damage is done.

Fiorini Chiropractic Center offers high quality chiropractic care to victims of auto accidents. Those who are experiencing pain and stiffness of the neck or back after a collision, especially a low speed one, should contact them today to make an appointment for a consultation and examination to find the root of their pain and start them on a personalized care plan to optimize recovery.

Contact Person Name; Dr. Dennis Fiorini, DC and Dr. Michael Atkinson, DC

Company Name: Fiorini Chiropractic Center

Address: 2619 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Contact Telephone Number: (850) 656-2200

Contact Fax Number: (850) 656-9766

Email: info@fiorinichiropractic.com

Website: http://www.fiorinichiropractic.com


October 5, 2016

Discover Neck Pain Relief With Tallahassee Chiropractic Office

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Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from neck pain is increasing. This is largely due to the growth in technology. More and more folks are using different types of devices that cause them to stay in certain positions for long periods of time. If you are suffering from neck pain it may be time to visit with a Tallahassee chiropractor.

In addition to the increased use of technical devices, people seem to be more stressed these days. Other conditions that cause neck discomfort include whiplash following an auto collision and a slip fall injury. In these situations the neck is jolted and can cause vertebrae to become misaligned, causing pain from pressure in the surrounding muscles.

Your initial visit to the chiropractic care practitioner will be to check joint function, structural problems, and alignment concerns. The practitioner will use the results from this evaluation to determine the cause of your pain and design a plan to correct the problem. Each plan is individually designed to meet the needs of the patient.

In addition to the care the practitioner provides, each patient is given instructions for what they can do to improve their situation. These directives often include nutritional and lifestyle changes. This is a discipline that takes a holistic approach to healing and maintaining wellness.

The main objective of this professional is to restore proper function and prevent future injuries. The therapies typically used in the care plan include adjustments to the spine, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Often, massage therapy will be used to help relieve muscle tension that causes pain.

These therapies are just a few of those used by the chiropractic care provider. To find out which therapy will work best for you, contact a practitioner and schedule an appointment. Many people are moving in the direction of this alternative approach to conventional medicine and finding pain relief.

Chiropractic care helps relieve neck, elbow and hand pain naturally and safely. Click here for more info about a well-respected Tallahassee chiropractor at http://www.fiorinichiropractic.com today.

October 2, 2016

Tallahassee Chiropractor Migraine Relief – Fiorini Chiropractic

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