June 28, 2016

Champions of Chiropractic

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June 14, 2016

How Neck Pain Sufferers Get Relief With Tallahassee Chiropractors

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There are countless ways someone can get a stiff neck and feel pain. It can be stress or a pillow that put you in an uncomfortable position. It may have been a car accident or a collision on the football field. It can range from the level of a twinge to an inability to turn the head from one side to the other. For a way to deal with ongoing pain you can turn to the Chiropractic Offices Tallahassee FL is home to.

Pain is more than something that hurts. It is a signal that something is wrong. Whatever that something is, it may need professional attention. The chiropractor is focused on pain related to the neck and back. Making an appointment is the first step towards alleviation of that painful condition you are suffering from.

One cause of severe neck pain is a whiplash injury. This is usually the result of an automobile crash with rear end collisions making the victim especially vulnerable. It can be compared to shaken baby syndrome with the head whipped forward and backward in rapid succession.

Another possible source is having a spinal disc pinched between the vertebrae, which are the small bones the spine is composed of. It happens when the vertebrae are misaligned and is a condition that responds well to spinal adjustments to realign them.

A physical exam of the entire spine, an x-ray and range of motion tests will help in defining the cause of the hurt. A medical history will be taken and all aspects of your condition will be discussed. Your description of the hurt, when it started and what you think may have caused it, will assist the chiropractor in the evaluation.

If spinal adjustments are considered to be appropriate a series of office visits is arranged. Flexibility is restored and pain alleviated over time. Soon you will be planning a return to work and other activities you once enjoyed. Often the muscles in the neck are tight and massage may be added to the care plan to sooth the area.

Chiropractic care helps relieve neck, shoulder and elbow pain safely, naturally and quickly. Get more info about chiropractic offices Tallahassee FL area at http://www.fiorinichiropractic.com right now.

June 8, 2016

How A Tallahassee Chiropractic Office Helps Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

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It is surprising to note that an automobile accident can cause harm even though the car was traveling at a slow speed. However, the neck injury known as whiplash, can happen at a speed of only five to ten miles per hour. The individual is most susceptible in a rear end collision. A crash victims can find help to alleviate the pain in the Chiropractic Offices Tallahassee FL is home to.

The most apparent symptom is neck and shoulder pain. It may hurt, or be impossible, to turn the head from right to left. The neck might be swollen and the vision might be blurred, among others. These symptoms may not show up until hours or days after the accident occurs.

On impact the lower of the seven cervical vertebrae located in the neck are hyperextended and the upper of the seven are thrust forward. Muscles, tendons and ligaments are jerked in a rough movement, resulting in whiplash. Chiropractic methods have proven successful in aiding in the recovery after this injury.

During the first appointment the first step is to thoroughly evaluate your condition and approve you for chiropractic care. A physical examination of the entire spine, range of motion testing and x-rays may be included. If the findings indicate it is appropriate, a plan will be made for your care.

Research studies indicate significant improvement in those who turned to a chiropractor for pain alleviation. A neck collar may be worn. But, it should only be worn for a brief time. Bed rest may be indicated. But, that too should not be extended over a long time. The inactivity only exacerbates the problem.

The effects of whiplash are varied from client to client. Care methods may include spinal adjustments, rehabilitative massage to relax the muscles and a mild exercise routine to be followed between appointments. Pain is alleviated as the flexibility of the injured joints is restored.

Chiropractic care helps relieve shoulder, spine and hip pain safely, naturally and quickly. Get more info about chiropractic offices Tallahassee FL area at http://www.fiorinichiropractic.com right now.