May 12, 2016

Discover Concussion Relief With Tallahassee Chiropractic Office

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There are general guidelines for how to care for the sports player who is unconscious even for a brief time. A concussion may be more serious and have longer lasting implications than previously believed. Some students were sent back out on the playing field if they said they felt up to it. At Tallahassee Florida Chiropractic the seriousness of a concussion is viewed as needing more evaluation before the player can rejoin the game.

Testing the physical and cognitive aftereffects is important. The student should get physical and cognitive rehabilitation time after any concussion. There may be an attention deficit, a visual effect or an anomaly in vestibular functioning. High school coaches are now more aware of what can be serious although it does not appear to be.

Of course sports injuries are not the only cause of concussion. There are car accidents and falls when the individual lands on his head. Some turn to pain medication when they have continuing headaches and other painful conditions. There is another solution that might be the best choice for some.

When a child who was a good student prior to the concussion is no longer getting good grades in school, something is obviously causing this. He is sometimes inattentive to the lessons being presented. Pain may include not only headaches, but stomach aches as well.

Rather than continue to give pain medication to a child, parents often consider chiropractic care as a safer alternative. Following an evaluation done during the first chiropractic visit, manual adjustments may be recommended. This is because the small vertebrae in the neck and upper back may be misaligned as a result of the injury.

Such a misalignment can impact the spinal nerve roots that are located in the spinal cord. This causes pain in varying degrees of severity. A series of spinal adjustments to return the vertebrae to the correct position can alleviate the pressure, which in turn will alleviate the pain.

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