December 29, 2013

Top Chiropractors In Tallahassee Helps Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

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Committing to a long-term regimen of prescription pain medications is no way to deal with chronic back discomfort. It is much better to target the actual cause of your pain instead. This is something that Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors can help you do.

These professionals will inspect the positioning and health of your spine in order to learn whether you have alignment issues. These are sometimes caused by poor posture, negative life habits or jarring events. Misaligned areas are sometimes referred to as subluxations and they upset the central support structure of the body and disrupt nerve to brain communication.

Correcting subluxations is often the surest way to alleviate prolonged bouts of back pain. This is done by manually adjusting misaligned areas so that they are slowly put back in their natural places. Massage can be used to eliminate muscle stress and there are many forms of chiropractic equipment that can also be incorporated into the therapeutic plan.

It may be that some people need to make major life changes in order to regain mobility and comfort. For instance, some individuals are performing repetitive activities that are constantly placing strain on their backs. They might need to invest in new equipment such as new office chairs or simply alter the way in which they are doing these things.

Adopting a proper diet and exercise plan is often necessary for those who are carrying excess body weight. Weight loss will help to relieve some of the stress that the spine has been subjected to. Chiropractic professionals may even design abdominal strength building routines for their clients as strong core muscles will protect the back.

Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors have a range of therapies that they can employ to start reducing your discomfort. They also have a variety of positive suggestions that they can make for improving your health and your life quality overall. This is far better than suffering the side effects of strong pain medications that only provide a nominal amount of relief.

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December 25, 2013

Tallahassee Chiropractic Help for Necks- Fiorini Chiropractic

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December 22, 2013

Tallahassee Chiropractor Helps Posture – Fiorini Chiropractic

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December 4, 2013

Learn How Tallahassee Chiropractic Doctor Offers Safe Relief For Work Accident Injuries

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Many people can sustain injuries as a result of the type of work that they do from day to day. This can lead to pain in the back, numbness and other debilitating symptoms. Individuals that are affected by this condition can receive effective care when they consult Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors.

Workplace injuries can come from the carrying of heavy items and also from actions that are done repeatedly when working in the office. For instance, it is possible to develop musculoskeletal disorders if you sit in front of a computer for several hours of each day. These problems can become more severe if they are not addressed on time.

The training given to chiropractic doctors enables them to have an in-depth understanding of workplace related injuries. This form of health care is now being used widely to provide effective relief for individuals that are suffering from this ailment. It makes it possible for affected employees to get back to work very quickly.

This therapy aims to restore the normal function of the body of the patient by the use of natural methods. With the application of spinal adjustment and massage, the spine and joints can regain their normal mobility. Pain will greatly reduce and the flexibility of the muscles will be restored.

These methods may also be combined with exercises that will help to condition and strengthen the muscles. Chiropractic patients are likely to lose fewer working days in comparison to those that choose other forms of health care. Furthermore, it is also affordable and is usually covered by insurance.

It is vital to visit a chiropractic clinic if you have been having any of these symptoms. You can find relief for your pain by scheduling an appointment with reputable Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors. Even an injury that seems mild can result in permanent disability if corrective measures are not taken quickly.

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December 2, 2013

Tallahassee Chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Fiorini And Dr. Atkinson, Help Locals Involved With Work Injuries

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PRESS RELEASE: Tallahassee FL, 27-NOVEMBER-2013 – Fiorini Chiropractic Center and Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors, Dr. Dennis Fiorini and Dr. Atkinson, DC., are pleased to announce that relief from the pain and related symptoms that happen following a work injury is available to locals in the Tallahassee area. Chiropractic medicine is safe and effective and doesn’t rely on invasive techniques or pharmaceutical dosages.

According to Drs. Fiorini and Atkinson, DC, Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors, “Addressing on-the-job injuries should be implemented as soon as possible following the event. We do a careful and comprehensive examination of the patient and may utilize digital studies as well. A patient’s description of what happened may help us to determine where pain alleviation techniques are appropriate.”

“Where there is a spinal misalignment as a result of the injury, we can supply a care plan that will relieve pain.” they explain. “This may start with a spinal adjustment on the vertebral column. The unimpeded passage of nerve signal along the spinal cord is important for mobility and for a pain-free existence. We also have other therapeutic measures such as heat and cold therapy and massage.”

The chiropractic philosophy goes beyond pain alleviation. Patients are encouraged to take lifestyle steps to improve overall health and wellness. These steps could include posture correction and exercise as well as stress reduction techniques. Chiropractic help extends to ergonomic reviews and proper lifting techniques.

Learn more about recovery from work injuries by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have questions regarding the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Fiorini and Dr. Atkinson DC, Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractor team, at the address which follows.

Contact Person Name; Dr. Dennis Fiorini, DC and Dr. Michael Atkinson, DC

Company Name: Fiorini Chiropractic Center

Address: 2619 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Contact Telephone Number: (850) 656-2200

Contact Fax Number: (850) 656-9766



Summary: Fiorini Chiropractic Center ( and Dr. Dennis Fiorini DC, and Dr. Michael Atkinson DC, Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors, offer a menu of reliable techniques that assist with recovery from work injuries. The doctors have experience and equipment to successfully alleviate pain and speed healing.