September 2, 2013

Tallahassee Chiropractic Office Offers Pain Relief From Auto Accident Injuries

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Most automobile accident victims have to contend with injuries that involve the neck or back. Whiplash is a common injury that most Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors have to treat for people involved in car crashes. This is an injury to the cervical spine which can lead to pain and physical limitations.

Whiplash is acquired when you are suddenly thrown back and forth during the impact of a car accident. This can affect the bones in your upper spine in the neck. If your discs are jolted out of place, your nerves in that area can become pinched and cause significant pain.

Some people opt to have surgery to remedy this problem. Many wear neck support and take a lot of painkillers to ease the pain. A brace can restrict movements that can add to your pain. It is also supposed to hasten healing since fewer movements will do less damage to an already injured neck.

There is a less invasive way to deal with whiplash and that is through the care of a chiropractic doctor. This kind of professional applies natural therapies that are non-invasive, natural and therefore safer. Your therapy sessions with a practitioner may involve a cervical spine adjustment that is performed manually.

Your chiropractic doctor may also apply warm or cold packs to the affected area. You may also have to do minor exercises later on to remove the stiffness in your neck. It is important to follow your physician’s advice and to return to the clinic for more sessions if it is necessary for a complete recovery.

Whiplash is a painful and debilitating condition for some people. If you have been suffering from pain due to this problem, it might be a good idea to consult with professional Tallahassee upper cervical chiropractors. You can have the main issue in your neck treated to eliminate pain permanently.

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