March 30, 2012

Tallahassee Chiropractic Doctor Assists Locals Suffering With Hip Pain

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Pain in the hip can be very uncomfortable, often disrupting sleep and restricting movements. There are various causes of this condition. Quite often it is due to referred pain in the back or in the case of many older individuals, osteoarthritis may be responsible. Fortunately there is an effective alternative to medications for dealing with it, the skilled touch of a chiropractor. People who are suffering with hip pain should consult a Tallahassee chiropractor about starting a therapy program which can alleviate this discomfort.

At the first visit, the practitioner will thoroughly examine the patient to determine the pain’s origin, as this will influence what type of therapy will be ordered. The doctor will examine the hip region and also the back as the pain may originate there. Usually an x-ray will also be taken. Once they know the source, a course of therapy can be devised.

If it is found that the pain is due to a subluxation, or misalignment in the spine, the chiropractor will perform an adjustment to correct this problem. The adjustment is the most frequently used technique and it consists of an abrupt manual thrust applied to the affected vertebra. This action effectively causes misaligned elements to return to their proper location and stop causing pain.

The practitioner will often prescribe specific stretching exercises for the patient to perform as well. These actions are intended to increase mobilization and loosen muscles that are tense and tender. It is important that they be carried out exactly and as frequently as indicated by the professional in order for them to be effective.

Other modalities a chiropractor will typically use to relieve hip pain include massage and ultrasound therapy. Massage is soothing and increases circulation in the area and relaxes tight muscles. Ultrasound produces heat which is applied to alleviate pain by penetrating deep into tissues to improve blood flow and ease rigidity.

Hip pain can be prevented from getting worse and alleviated altogether in some cases. With the skilled care of a Tallahassee chiropractor, patients will begin to live free of this discomfort. This method of therapy is safe, natural, and medication-free.

March 22, 2012

Tallahassee Chiropractor Alleviates Pain From Spinal Disc Bulges Without Surgery

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Every year, there are a lot of people suffering from pain caused by bulging discs in the spinal column. A Tallahassee chiropractor can help people with these type of conditions. If a person has a bulging disc problem they have a variety of options available for therapy.

Chiropractic therapy is gentle and non-invasive. An individual will go to the chiropractors who can carry out x-rays and other examinations before developing a care plan. The spinal discs contain a spongy material that cushions the vertebrae of the spine. Occasionally, a disc will move from its usual position, causing pain and discomfort.

When a disc protrudes it can cause many problems for the individual. Some people may have a protruding disc without even realizing it. Therefore, bulging discs are not always a significant problem.

When a protruding disc presses on the nerves in the spine, it can cause a lot of painful problems. The pain someone feels will depend on the nerves that are affected. When the pain is in the low region of the spine, the sciatic nerve may be triggered. This can result in great pain and discomfort within the legs and feet. Sciatic pain is sharp and shooting usually down one leg or both.

The majority of bulging disc conditions occur in the lower region. It might be difficult to lift heavy objects and some people have to give up work due to the pain. Chiropractic therapy can help ease the pain and speed the recovery process. Massage and manipulation of the spinal column is carried out in a safe, confidential clinic.

There are a variety of reasons why bulging disc problems occur. When someone gets older, their discs become less flexible and are more susceptible to problems with their back. Injuries can also cause discs to protrude. Sometimes people are involved in a car accident which causes their discs to bulge. A Tallahassee chiropractor can ease pain and discomfort in the spine.

March 6, 2012

Tallahassee, FL Natural Migraine Relief – Dr. Dennis Fiorini

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March 2, 2012

Tallahassee, FL Help for Whiplash Pain – Dr. Dennis Fiorini

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