November 24, 2010

Tallahassee, FL Relieve Tension Headaches – Dr. Dennis Fiorini

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Tallahassee, FL Chiropractor for Whiplash Relief – Dr. Dennis Fiorini

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Tallahassee Sports Injury Chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Fiorini, Helps Athletes Recover Quicker

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PRESS RELEASE: Tallahassee, FL 15-November-2010 — Fiorini Chiropractic Center is pleased to announce that Tallahassee Chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Fiorini, helps athletes recover faster from injuries sustained while participating in their favorite sports. The most common sports injuries affect the soft tissues in the form of sprains and strains. In addition, it is not uncommon for the vertebrae to be shifted out of their proper alignment when playing in contact sports.

Dr. Fiorini uses a combination of spinal manipulation to correct minute shifts in the vertebrae, known as subluxations, and release pressure on the nerves, hot and cold therapy, massage, and other means to address sports injuries at the point of injury rather than cover up the symptoms with pain killing medications and muscle relaxants that can have unwanted side effects.

This direct care helps the athletes recover faster and get back into the game sooner than would be possible without this type of care. It also reduces the need for surgical intervention in the case of many types of injuries.

For more information about how Dr. Dennis Fiorini helps athletes achieve faster recovery times and get back into the game sooner, residents of the Tallahassee area are encouraged to visit the website of the Fiorini Chiropractic Center at Members of the press and/or other interested parties may obtain additional information about this practice and/or the content of this press release by contacting the following:

Fiorini Chiropractic Center PA

Dr. Dennis Fiorini, Tallahassee Chiropractor

2619 Blair Stone Rd.

Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone: 850-656-2200

Fax: 850-656-9766


Tallahassee chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Fiorini helps athletes make a faster a recovery from injuries sustained while playing.

Tallahassee Chiropractor Assists In Helping Locals Get Hip Pain Relief

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Hip pain can occur for many reasons but relief can often be found by visiting a Tallahassee chiropractor. Whether the pain is acute or chronic, chiropractics can often help to find a solution. The methods used are non-invasive and gentle as well.

One of the first things your chiropractor will do is to determine where your pain is coming from. Although you are feeling it in the hip, it could be a back problem that is really causing it. Also, problems with your feet and knees can cause your gait to be off which can then affect your hip joint as well.

Other sources of hip pain can be arthritis, tendonitis and fractures, something common in older people after they fall. The pain can be skeletal, muscular or can originate from the nerves. In some cases, the hip is not quite in its proper place which can be corrected with chiropractic adjustment.

Once the cause is determined, the proper approach can be determined as well. This will often involved the use of different types of therapies. Often, the use of several therapies will result in a faster recovery time.

In most cases, several appointments will be necessary to completely relieve the symptoms. As the therapies used are gentle and work with your body, it takes a little time to resolve the situation. However, proper care can help to prevent further problems in the future.

For example, part of the care given may be exercises for you to do at home as well as lifestyle advice. These are all part of both rehabilitation as well as injury prevention. Although there may be an underlying disease, there are often things such as poor body positioning that adds to the problem.

It’s worth the time to visit a Tallahassee chiropractor for help in relieving hip pain. Relief can often be had after just one visit, although multiple ones may be needed to ensure that the pain is gone completely.

Your Tallahassee chiropractor can provide help to relieve hip pain in local residents. For additional information, you can visit the website at .

A Tallahassee Chiropractor Helps Alleviates Pain From Auto Accidents

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Those who have been injured in a car accident might find pain relief from a Tallahassee chiropractor and should seek help as soon as possible after the injury. The chiropractor will evaluate the patient and determine the extent of the injury. Chiropractors can help hasten the healing process and help bring pain relief.

People who have been in an auto accident have had gone through a physically taxing experience. The automobile accident places a large amount of stress on the body and can cause multiple injuries. Some injuries are more apparent than others.

An accident victim could suffer sprains and soft tissue damage. A sprained leg or ankle is easy to see but soft tissue damage is not always apparent. But tissue damage can lead to swelling and loss of mobility and can be a serious injury that can lead to complications.

Chiropractors can help patients with soft tissue damage and help reduce swelling and restore mobility to the injured area. Whiplash can be classified as a soft tissue injury and is a common injury sustained by auto accident victims. Chiropractors use various methods to hasten the recovery from whiplash such as soft massage therapy which can help reduce pain as well.

A car accident can cause the spine to become out of alignment because people in car accidents tend to tense their back muscles at impact which will lead to back injury. The chiropractor will isolate the back injury using specialized chiropractic tables and methods to restore the spine to proper alignment. Once the spine returns to proper alignment the nerves can heal and the patient will experience pain relief.

The Tallahassee chiropractor does not employ man made medication but instead uses natural therapies. The chiropractor believes that his role is to help the body heal itself in a natural way. People who have been in a car accident should consider seeing a chiropractor who could help relieve their pain naturally.

A Tallahassee chiropractor can assist in the relief all many types of pain, including pain from automobile accident injuries. You can learn more about techniques and tools for improved health by visiting the website at .